Executive Director
Andy Herf

President of Shumaker Advisors Ohio, Andy is an effective and efficient advocate for his clients with 25 years of experience as a government and regulatory affairs advisor. He represents clients in a broad array of industries and on wide-ranging public policy issues. Andy works closely with clients in the food and beverage, health care, retirement planning, agriculture, environment, general public policy, and related industries, where he acts as a conduit between the public and private sector and government, helping clients navigate the intersection of law, politics, public policy and public relations.

With deep relationships in the legislature, Andy is sought after and highly respected and regarded for lobbying the legislature for the client. Renowned as a “fixture” at the State House, he is continually connecting constituents and updating the legislature on what he is working on, allowing him to effectively advise his clients which include:

  • Ohio Licensed Beverage Association (OLBA)
  • Ohio State Association of Nurse Anesthetists (OSANA)
  • Association of Professional Towers Ohio (APTO)
  • Ohio Association of Convention and Visitors Bureaus (OACVB)
  • Ohio Spirits Association


Director of Management and Communications
Molly Hunter

Molly has extensive experience managing the day-to-day activities of trade associations, providing oversight for staff members, engaging in meeting planning, marketing, publications, fundraising, public affairs, and media relations. Representing liquor permit holders, convention and visitor bureaus, and many others, Molly has a working knowledge of clients in varied industries.

In addition, Molly has also served as the account manager for a variety of public relations, media relations, and marketing projects. She earned her B.A. in Journalism/Public Relations from The Ohio State University, and her M.S. in Marketing and Communication from Franklin University

Legislative Agent
Joe M. Hollabaugh, Jr.

Joe balances experience on campaigns with a strong public policy background. Having worked on successful statehouse, gubernatorial, and Presidential campaigns, Joe learned the importance of strong public policy and messaging when dealing with complicated issues. Joe has also run several successful small businesses and brings those personal experiences to the table when working through business issues with policy makers. He draws on his vast experience working inside state government and private sector consulting to help clients with public policy procure contracts, build their PAC strategy, and to position Shumaker Advisors clients to be their own best advocates. Understanding the language of business and politics has helped Shumaker Advisors’ clients become successful in creating their own opportunities in the political landscape.

Legislative Agent
Lauren Diaz

An effective, diligent, and personable leader, Lauren is the Director of Government Affairs for Shumaker Advisors. She is focused on assisting Shumaker Advisors’ clients with strategic planning and maintaining productive relationships with key policy makers that will support and enhance clients’ goals. Among other things, Lauren helps to monitor and analyze proposed legislation, trends, and emerging issues to determine potential impacts. A trustworthy advocate, she also works to maintain effective communication and collaboration with industry groups and organizations with complementary objectives in order to support coalitions to drive policy objectives.