About Us

Our Story

Are you a permit holder who is not a member of the Ohio Bar Owners Association?  The time has come for you to join the leading organization, the Ohio Bar Owners Association. Make a commitment that impacts your bottom line!  The once Ohio Licensed Beverage Association has changed. The Ohio Licensed Beverage Association is a well-established organization with a rich history of protecting bar owners in Ohio, but even bar owners don’t understand what the organization is based on the name. They think that we are part of the state government and often get us confused with the Division of Liquor Control.  

At the height of the pandemic, we pushed important information out to bar owners looking for answers and gained visibility, but through comments on social media, it was clear that many of them thought they were interacting with the state. That is how the Ohio Bar Owners Association was born.

The Ohio Bar Owners Association is an organization of bars. This organization protects your business and gives you the benefits you deserve!  Our benefits package is tailored to the employer and employee.  The Ohio Bar Owners Association has services that can allow all permit holders to save money, time and headaches throughout each year.  Agency stores, carry-outs, restaurants and taverns and bars of all kinds can find a multitude of benefits to belonging to this association. 

Our Mission

We are fighting for your right to party! 

The Ohio Bar Owners Association is a membership service organization devoted to representing alcohol beverage permit holders. It is an organization for bar owners made up of bar owners. The association exists for the protection of its members through a unified effort to protect Ohio bars and pubs. The Ohio Bar Owners Association is a professional association specifically targeted to permit holders and provides you with the opportunity to have a voice in your state government!

The Ohio Bar Owners Association is a non-profit trade association that represents the legislative and executive interests of all of those involved in the licensed beverage industry. The Ohio Bar Owners Association has a full-time team of lobbyists fighting for the rights of bar owners before the state legislature and agencies.



Join our association of bars across the state fighting for your right to party!